The Anderson Biomass Complex (ABC) is a 66-acre property in Shasta County, California that was the site of  a stud mill that operated for decades but ceased operations in 2010.  ABC is investing in and helping manage a series of related businesses that address California's forest management crisis in a financially sustainable manner.  ABC's first initiative is a roundwood mill, Alta California Roundwood (ACR), that utilizes small diameter wood that previously had been treated as a waste stream by timber operations. 

The Anderson Biomass Complex (ABC) / Alta California Roundwood (ACR) is an investment supported by Allotrope Partners, a merchant bank located in Oakland, CA. Allotrope Partners’ mission is to accelerate and capitalize on the transition to a sustainable energy future. (

ABC is contributing to California's forest recovery by building markets for small diameter wood, typically between three and ten inches in diameter.  Creating markets for this material is an essential component to efficiently addressing California's overstocked forests, as these markets create sustainable incentives to scale up vitally needed forest management activities.  Well managed forests, in turn, help reduce the risk of catastrophic forest fires, improve regional water management and increase long-term carbon sequestration potential.


The ABC’s mission is to build and support a set of replicable businesses that will create long-term financially sustainable drivers for biomass generated from enhanced forest management practices, enhancing the forests in by reducing fire danger and increasing water quality as well as creating a model for other forested regions.


The ABC stands on a 66-acre property, a former stud mill (producing 2x4s), that last operated in 2010.  The property was purchased in April, 2016 and the ABC has been investing significant resources in the renovation of the property since. The property has many key assets, such as an operating set of chip bins and a full stocked machine shop, that allows for scale operations as well as the serving of other related businesses.


Alta California Roundwood (ACR) is a roundwood post mill that produces fence posts, rails, and tree support stakes as well as firewood that is sold in boxes or by the cord.  ACR also sells wood chips that are produced as a byproduct of our milling process.


We are partnered with All Power Labs (APL) that has received a $3M CEC grant to develop a 250kW unit with integrated Combined Heat and Power.  This initial unit will be located at the ABC and will power our facilities, heat and cool our buildings and produce biochar. We believe there is a great opportunity to take this biomass solution to other small and medium sized businesses in the area.