Alta California Roundwood (ACR) is a roundwood mill that produces doweled vineyard posts, fencing material and tree support stakes. Our dowel products are sold by species - mainly pine and fir - in various diameters and lengths.  We sell both raw round dowels as well as higher value fencing products, via mortice, tenon and pointing.  ACR currently does not have its own chemical treatment capabilities but rather has commercial relationships with third party treatment facilities around the country to meet our customers' needs.  

We also sell consumer grade, kiln-dried firewood to large retailers in box or plastic packaging, as well as by the cord to bulk consumers including hotels and restaurant groups.  ACR also sells wood chips and bark that are produced as a byproduct of our milling process.  


Great for vineyards, fencing or landscaping projects, round fence posts can be used for vineyard end posts, deck railing, edging, planter boxes, and numerous other projects. We produce in a variety of sizes, ranging in diameter from two inches up to six inches and typical lengths of eight to twelve feet, but with ability of special orders up to 20 feet.  We also have mortise and tenon capabilities for custom post & rail fence orders. For order inquiries, click the button below and send us an email describing your needs.


The firewood operation utilizes waste material from the post and pole operation as well as wood we purchase directly for firewood production.  We predominantly sell kiln-dried softwoods, Pine and Douglas Fir, which are cut to size and split.  We also have hard woods available as needed.  Firewood is either packaged in shrink wrap plastic or boxed and sold to major supermarkets throughout the state as well as to campgrounds and other buyers in the region. We also sold by the cord in local markets and more broadly throughout California.  ABC’s location on the I-5 corridor means the much of state can be served cost-effectively.