About Us


Alta California Roundwood is the premier producer of roundwood posts for the vineyard, agricultural and fencing markets in California.  Located on the strategic I-5 corridor, ACR can effectively supply customers throughout the state, and thanks to nearby rail access, can also supply customers nationwide.

ACR is helping restore California’s forests by building markets for small diameter wood, typically between three and ten inches in diameter. Utilizing this material, which is generally treated as a waste product, is essential to managing overstocked forests as it creates markets for wood produced by forest thinning operations that help reduce catastrophic forest fires and improve water quality in California.

Alta California Roundwood (ACR) is an investment supported by Allotrope Partners, a merchant bank located in Oakland, CA.  Allotrope Partners’ mission is to accelerate and capitalize on the transition to a sustainable energy future. (www.allotropepartners.com)

Management Team

The ACR/ABC management team is deeply connected to the Redding/Anderson community, with deep relationships at many levels of the timber industry and the community as a whole. Led by Elaina Zane Peterson, a business executive with extensive experience applying technology to the timber industry as well as managing local businesses in Redding, the ABC/ACR team combines mechanical and timber/wood handing expertise with good old fashion hard work.


Bob Hambrecht

Partner in Allotrope Partners

Bob has worked in investment banking, venture investing, and project development in the alternative energy and technology field for more than 20 years. He has a degree from the University of California, Berkeley and has a Master of Public Affairs from Columbia University with a focus on Economic Development, Project Finance, and Urban Planning


Glenn Zane

Glenn is an expert in forest management and holds Registered Professional Forester designations in California, Michigan, Georgia, and Alabama.  Glenn has been continuously working in the field of forestry across the USA, Canada and in several foreign countries since the 1960’s.  Prior to starting Continental Resource Solutions, Inc.(CRS) in 2003,  Glenn was, for three decades, a principal at Mason Bruce and Girard, Inc., one of the nation’s premier natural resource consulting firms.  CRS continues to provide consulting services for forest land management, timber inventory, forest valuation, forest carbon transactions, biomass to energy and is active in developing economic products from small diameter wood.


Marc Stuart

Marc is the founder of Allotrope Partners and a recognized leader in the world of international emissions trading and low carbon finance. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics and the Claremont Graduate University.

Economic Opportunity = Jobs

The ABC/ACR is capitalizing on an emerging opportunity in California forestry, thanks to an increasing awareness of the need for improved forest management practices. Businesses that can generate economically sustainable operations in support of these practices have an opportunity to grow substantially and contribute meaningfully to the local economies where they operate.

As ACR grows, we are continually looking for good people who are willing to work hard and eager to learn. Opportunities range from entry-level work, with the chance to advance quickly, to skilled mechanics and millwrights, who are looking for the opportunity to build something big.