The Anderson Biomass Complex (ABC) is a 66-acre property in Shasta County, California, that was the site of a decommissioned conventional sawmill that had operated for decades.   ABC is an integrated biomass utilization facility that invests in and helps manage a series of related businesses that help incentivize sustainable forest management.  ABC’s main initiative, Alta California Roundwood (ACR), converts small-diameter, non-merchantable (for lumber production) timber into multiple, high-value, products, primarily posts, rails stakes and heat treated firewood.

ACR can use a wide variety of small diameter material, but is increasingly focussing it’s material acquisition on so called “thinning” programs, in which forest managers choose to remove non-merchantable timber, while largely preserving larger older trees that are important long-term carbon sinks.  By removing smaller trees that reduce the risk of catastrophic fires and improve water quality, ACR is positively contributing to California’s response to it’s ongoing forest health crisis. Over 95% of wood used at ACR is sourced from designated California High Hazard Zones. Through these efforts, ACR  is building a replicable business model that will act as a long-term driver for improved forest recovery and management practices across California and the American West.

ACR is always seeking ways to create more  value from our material flow and increase our throughput.  We welcome all inquiries from entrepreneurs who need wood fiber as a feedstock to build new businesses.  


ABC and ACR ) are investments supported by Allotrope Partners, a merchant bank located in Oakland, CA. Allotrope Partners’ mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable  economy in energy and natural resources. (www.allotropepartners.com)